Table 1

Characterization Provides a listing of the characterization methods applied to the container, a description of the methods, and the date the method was used
Characterization Method Date
Characterization Method Description
Characterization Method ID
Container Comments Comments about the container that have been entered into the database
Comment Type
Container Data Container specific information
Container Closure Date
Container Disposal Date
Container Fill Factor (%)
Container Weight(kg)
Container Gross Weight(kg)
Container Gross Weight Uncertainty (kg)
Container Handling Code
Container IDC Code
Container Layers of Packaging
Container Liner Exists
Container Liner Hole Size (mm)
Container Number
Container Status Code
TRU Alpha Activity Information
Container TRU Alpha Activity Concentration (Ci/g)
Container TRU Alpha Activity Concentration Uncertainty (Ci/g)
Container TRUCON Code
Container Type
Container Vent Date
Container Waste Type
Data Status Code
Overpack Container Number
Overpack Container Type
Waste Steam Profile
Waste Matrix Code
Waste Stream BIR ID
Waste Stream MWIR ID
Waste Stream Certification Date
Container Location Information on where the container is emplaced in the repository
Emplacement Column ID
Emplacement Row ID
Emplacement Height ID
Emplacement Panel Number
Emplacement Room Number
Filters Information regarding container filter vents
Filter Description
Filter Install Date
Filter Model Number
Filter Quantity
Hazardous Waste Numbers Information regarding the EPA hazardous waste numbers assigned to the waste stream
Hazardous Waste Number
Hazardous Waste Number Description
Sample Data Information on samples taken from the container and the results of the analysis
Sampled Analyte CAS Number—Analyte Name
Sample Concentration (ppm)
Sample Date
Sample Date Analyzed
Sample Detectable Flags
Sample ID
Sample Layer Number Sampled
Sample Method ID
Sample Type
Shipment Data Information regarding the shipment that transported the container to WIPP
Shipment Certification Date
Shipment Date
Shipment Dunnage
Shipment Manifest Number
Shipment Number
Shipment Package Number (Packaging Number)
Shipment Assembly Number
Shipment Package/ICV Closure Date
Shipment Receipt Date
Shipment Status
Shipment Tractor ID
Shipment Trailer ID
Shipment Transporter Name
Site Data General information about the site that shipped the waste to WIPP
Site Generator Flag
Site Address
Site Certification Flag
Site ID
Site Shipper Flag
Site Technical Contact
Material Parameter Information that describes the physical form of the waste
Waste Material Parameter Description
Waste Material Parameter Weight (kg)
Waste Material Parameter