Nuclear Safety - Documents

DOE/WIPP-07-3372, Revision 5b, WIPP Documented Safety Analysis
Approved April 2016
The Documented Safety Analysis addresses all hazards (both radiological and nonradiological) and the controls necessary to provide adequate protection to the public, workers, and the environment. The WIPP DSA demonstrates the extent to which the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant can be operated safely with respect to workers, the public, and the environment.

DOE/WIPP-07-3373, Revision 5b,WIPP Technical Safety Requirements
Approved April 2016
Technical Safety Requirements (TSRs) for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) identifies the controls, derived in the DOE/WIPP-07-3372, WIPP Documented Safety Analysis, required to protect the public, workers, and the environment.

DOE/WIPP-16-3565, Revision 0
Safety Evaluation Report for Approval of DOE/WIPP-07-3372, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Documented Safety Analysis, Revision 5, and DOE/WIPP-07-3373, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Technical Safety Requirements, Revision 5

Effective 4/29/16