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    Underground Laboratory

    The deep geologic repository at WIPP provides an ideal environment for experiments in many scientific disciplines, including particle astrophysics, waste repository science, mining technology, low radiation dose physics, fissile materials accountability and transparency, and deep geophysics.

    The designation of the Carlsbad Department of Energy office as a “field” office has allowed WIPP to offer its mine operations infrastructure and space in the underground to researchers requiring a deep underground setting with dry conditions and very low levels of naturally occurring radioactive materials. 

    Please contact Roger Nelson, chief scientist of the Department of Energy’s Carlsbad Field Office, if you have specific questions about locating an experiment at WIPP.


    Click to view image Waste hoist at WIPP is state of the art - 45 ton capacity
    Click to view image No interference from radioactive waste at WIPP
    Click to view image High quality excavations are routine


    site of gnome project The very first underground physics experiment near Carlsbad was Project Gnome, December 10, 1961
    Community, State and Congressional Support for WIPP as a host for Underground Experiments
    Read DOE's Environmental Assessment to evaluate impacts of conducting research in the WIPP underground.
    Click to view image WIPP's role in the National Underground Science Laboratory

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