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    Renewable Energy

    The WIPP Site Holds Promise as an Ideal Source of Renewable Energy

    Encompassing 16 square miles of open Chihuahuan desert with abundant sunshine and minimal surface roughness, the WIPP site is ideal for either solar- or wind-generated electricity production, demonstration or testing.


    In fact, WIPP is striving to take advantage of its abundance of sunshine and wind. The Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management has created what is being called the Energy Park Initiative (EPI). This initiative’s goal is to convert DOE facilities into assets by focusing on providing solutions for renewable energy technologies.

    WIPP, which has always been a DOE leader in terms of safety, has set the additional goal of trying to become the first DOE site operating with 100 percent clean energy. A team, consisting of representatives from CBFO, WTS, Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico State University, Texas Tech, the Carlsbad community and area utilities, have come up with several potential solutions. Members of the team are continuing to look into these solutions.

    click here to learn more about solar energy potential in southeastern New Mexico and West Texas

    Solar power production potential at WIPP is in the top 10% of the nation.

    click here to learn more about wind energy potential in southeastern New Mexico and West Texas

    Wind power production at or near WIPP is already a reality, with a generating capacity of over 60MW in the region.