2004 WIPP Compliance Recertification Application
DOE/WIPP 04-3231 March 2004

Content of the CRA

As required by Title 40 CFR, Parts 191 and 194, the 2004 Compliance Recertification Application addresses a wide range of topics. It incorporates portions of the first Compliance Certification Application (CCA) and provides updates in those areas where approved changes occurred. It also presents new data and associated analyses. In addition, the application responds to specific requests from EPA for new or expanded information or analyses. Topics addressed in this CRA include (but are not limited to) the following:

The CRA follows the format of the CCA, but is modified to include new information and to respond to the guidance given by EPA on the content of this first CRA. As approved by EPA, portions of the original CCA were modified for this application; other portions of the CCA are incorporated by reference.

CRA - Main Document

CRA Appendices

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