Title 40 CFR Part 191
Subparts B and C
Compliance Recertification Application 2014
for the
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

A: TFIELD-2014 Visualization

United States Department of Energy
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Carlsbad Field Office
Carlsbad, New Mexico

Compliance Recertification Application 2014
Attachment A: TFIELD-2014 Visualization

This attachment contains figures for Appendix TFIELD-2014, related to the Culebra T-Field calibration process, performed as part of the 2009 Compliance Recertification Application (CRA-2009) Performance Assessment Baseline Calculation (PABC). These parameter inputs and outputs are used without modification in CRA-2014. The development of the input and output data is summarized in Appendix TFIELD-2014 and discussed in detail in Hart et al. (2009).

Hart, D.B., Beauheim, R.L. and McKenna, S.A. 2009. Analysis Report for Task 7 of AP-114: Calibration of Culebra Transmissivity Fields. Carlsbad, NM: Sandia National Laboratories. ERMS 552391.

Table of Contents

TFIELD Attachment A-1.0 100 Calibrated Hydraulic Conductivity Model Input Parameter Fields

TFIELD Attachment A-2.0 100 Calibrated Specific Storage Model Input Parameter Fields

TFIELD Attachment A-3.0 100 Calibrated Hydraulic Diffusivity Model Input Parameter Fields

TFIELD Attachment A-4.0 100 Model Predicted Darcy Velocity Fields