2019 Stakeholder Information Documents

Closure of Underground Hazardous Waste Disposal Unit

Submittal of Final Audit Reports

Transmittal of the Final Report for CBFO Audit A-19-16 of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory/Central Characterization Program dated June 25, 2019

Final Audit Report for Savannah River Site Central Characterization Program Recertification Audit A-19-02 dated February 13, 2019

Transmittal of the Final Audit Report for Recertification Audit A-18-04 of the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project dated January 17, 2019

Annual Proposed Acceptable Knowledge Sufficiency Determination List

Annual Report Submittals

Submittal of Acceptable Knowledge Sufficiency Determination

Notification of Planned Changes

Notice of Submittal of a Dispute Resolution

Notice of Proposed Capacity Increase in the Repository

Notice of Surge Storage in the Parking Unit Area

Notice of the Use of Surge Storage in the Waste Handling Building

Notification of Planned Changes

Notification of Planned Change to the Permitted Facility Regarding the New Fire Water Distribution System, Hazardous Waste Facility Permit, Number: NM4890139088-TSDF Todd Shrader/CBFO and Bruce C. Covert/NWP dated January 15, 2019

Notice of Exceedance

Notification of Panel Final Waste Volume

Notice of Excavation

Written Notice of Occurrence

Notification of Adverse Conditions

Notifications of Anticipated Noncompliance

Other Information