Safety and Security


The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) has numerous response capabilities to address any safety or security event that may occur at the facility. Examples include mine rescue teams, emergency response teams, a fire department, security department, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Joint Information Center (JIC). All of these organizations consist of individuals who are highly skilled and trained to respond to a variety of emergency situations.

WIPP's two mine rescues teams are among the best in the nation. These teams are specially trained to respond to emergency situations that might occur in the underground facility. The fire department consists of both firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Their primary focus is ensuring the safety of the facility and employees; however, they also frequently respond to emergencies that occur in the nearby area, such as traffic accidents and fires. The security force is responsible for ensuring the security of the facility and responding to any actual or perceived threat.

In the event of an emergency situation at WIPP, the EOC would be activated. The EOC's primary focus is to manage the overall response, ensuring responders have all of the necessary equipment and resources to address the emergency. The EOC also monitors various aspects of the response and may make recommendations to surrounding communities, if necessary.

Additionally, the JIC would ensure that the public and media receive timely and accurate information about the event. The JIC works closely with the EOC to obtain information and then uses traditional media outlets and social media to inform the public.