Salado Isolation Mining Contractors, LLC.
Salado Isolation Mining Contractors (SIMCO) is the company chosen to manage and operate the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Navarro Inc. supports WIPP waste acceptance, chemical compatibility, audits and assessments, nuclear and industrial safety, and scientific and international programs along with transuranic (TRU) waste characterization and transportation and other business operations.

Sandia National Laboratories - Carlsbad Programs Group (SNL-CPG)
SNL-CPG is the scientific and technical advisor to CBFO, with primary responsibilities of performance assessment & decision analysis and repository performance.

Los Alamos National Laboratory - Carlsbad Operations (LANL-CO)
LANL-CO provides scientific and technical expertise to CBFO in a variety of areas, including TRU waste treatment, packaging, characterization, acceptable knowledge, transportation and inventory. Additionally, its Actinide Chemistry and Repository Science Program supports the long-term safety of WIPP.

CAST Transportation
CAST Transportation and Visionary Solutions provide trucking services to transport TRU waste from DOE waste generator sites around the country to WIPP.