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2022 Salt of the Earth Winners Announced
November 3, 2022
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Last Waste Container Emplaced in Panel 7, Marking Important Milestone for WIPP
October 25, 2022

OCT 24th Community Forum Recording Available

Sean Dunagan and Reinhard Knerr at the WIPP Community Forum
Nuclear Waste Partnership President + Project Manager Sean Dunagan and Carlsbad Field Office Manager Reinhard Knerr at the Oct. 24th WIPP Community Forum.

We would like to thank participants for attending the WIPP Community Forum which was held at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Santa Fe, NM.

The video recording of the October 24th Community Forum has been posted and can be viewed with the following link: https://wipp.energy.gov/Library/documents/2022/10-24_Community_Forum.mp4

* Please note there is no audio until 3:58 of the recording.

WIPP posters displayed at the WIPP Community Forum

In addition, responses to questions from the July 7th WIPP Community Forum have been posted and you can view them with the following link: https://wipp.energy.gov/Library/documents/2022/WIPP_Community_Forum_Q&A_7-7-22.pdf